What Is SystemLink? Software?

SystemLink is an intelligent systems and data management software platform for validation, production, and monitoring test environments. With SystemLink, your test center operates at peak performance.

Improve Operational Efficiency, Gain Engineering Insights

SystemLink eliminates the manual tasks when keeping test systems current and healthy. From automating updates to monitoring system health, SystemLink delivers key information that improves situational awareness and test readiness to help you deliver quality across the product lifecycle. With SystemLink, you ensure that software configurations are accurate, and that test equipment complies with calibration and quality standards. Leveraging an automation and connectivity platform, SystemLink aggregates test and measurement data from all test systems into a centralized data repository. Users have ready access to asset utilization, calibration forecasts as well as test result history, trends, and production metrics data to make proactive decisions on the capital expense, maintenance events, and test or product modifications.

NI Completes Acquisition of OptimalPlus

NI today announced it has officially closed the acquisition of OptimalPlus, a global leader in data analytics software for the semiconductor, automotive and electronics industries.

Key Benefits

  • Intelligent Automation—Become proactively aware with remote software updates, device management, system diagnostics, data consolidation, and analysis.


  • Situational Awareness—Gain a better understanding of your test operations with interactive dashboards, configurable alarms, and extensible reports for single sites and across global supply chains.

  • Root-Cause Analysis—Accelerate root-cause identification with
    engineering-centric user interfaces and analysis tools to find meaningful patterns and correlations.
  • Traceability—Increase audit compliance with automated record-keeping of system status and test data, as well as users associated with key events.
  • Valuable Insights—Gain visibility into manufacturing and test processes with essential KPIs such as yields, cycle times, defects, failure Pareto, taking the guesswork out of process and design.

SystemLink Platform

With a modular architecture, efficiently right size for your needs. Reach the full power of SystemLink when you use the SystemLink Server with modules and add-ons.