NI Software Portfolio

The NI software portfolio is a unified collection of highly interoperable software products that meet engineers’ needs from interactive exploration to custom engineering design.

The NI Platform

The Software Is the Instrument?

Software is at the center of NI’s platform. NI’s unified collection of software products consists of development environments and application software—from configuration-based to programming languages—an extensive set of drivers for interfacing with I/O, and add-ons for specialized deployment platforms. It’s the unique combination of these software interfaces and their inherent interoperability that separates NI’s platform from the rest.?

Programming Environments

NI programming environments are integrated development environments in a variety of programming languages designed to streamline the development, debugging, and deployment of engineering systems. These software tools empower you to build custom applications to meet your specific needs with out-of-the-box language features, drag-and-drop engineering UI development, engineering IP, examples, hardware drivers for integrating I/O, and included technical support.

Application Software

Application software delivers point-and-click simplicity to challenging engineering problems by focusing on the specific needs of one industry. Included in this collection of software are specialized tools to configure and discover USB DAQ devices, build and deploy test sequences, configure real-time testing, log data, manage complex switching systems, design circuits, and more. NI application software is designed to make it easy for you to get up and running quickly.

Software Add-Ons

NI software add-ons are modules, toolkits, libraries, application frameworks, and more that extend the capabilities of NI programming environments or application software with industry-specific libraries or specialized deployment platforms. You can use these prebuilt components—developed by NI engineers or third-party engineers in NI’s network—instead of building them from scratch, saving valuable time, energy, and development cost.

Software Suites

NI software suites are recommended collections of software that include all the applications and add-ons you need to build a complete system for a specific industry or application type such as automated test or embedded control and monitoring. You can use a software suite to build a complete software system for your target application area. Take advantage of our expertise in combining interoperable software products together, so you can build your complete system with confidence.