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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cancel, edit or return my order?

To cancel, edit, or return an order please contact a National Instruments Customer Service Representative. Terms and Conditions surrounding cancellations and returns can be found at http://www.haohannet.com/legal/termsofsale/

Why don't I see my order?

To see all orders associated with your account, login using your ni.com User Profile. Only orders that were placed through your login will be available for viewing. If you are the billed-to party or the shipped-to party but did not actually place the order through your login/user profile, you will not have access to that order information online. In order to view orders not associated with your login/user profile, you will need the Order Number AND either the PO number, Bill to or Ship to ZIP Code. That information can be used to access orders from ni.com/status. Note: An order may take up to one day after it is placed to show online.

Where can I find my order number?

Your order number is located in the Sales Order Acknowledgement email. If you did not receive this email, please check with the purchasing agent or person who placed the order.

Where can I get a copy of my invoice?

You may obtain a copy of an official invoice for your order by contacting a National Instruments Customer Service Representative. Through the representative you may request a faxed or mailed copy of your official invoice.

How does NI ship products?

The shipping method for an order varies depending up the country the order is shipping to and the warehouse from which the order is being processed. In general, NI utilizes either DHL, Fedex or UPS for shipping. When an order is placed, you may have the option of selecting a shipping method. However, in some regions, only one shipping option exists. If you have a question about the method of shipment utilized for an order, please contact a National Instruments Customer Service Representative.

When can I expect to receive items after shipment?

Prior to shipment, a scheduled ship date can be found on the Sales Order Acknowledgement form and on the order status detail at ni.com/status. Once your package has shipped, an actual shipment date will be posted to the order status detail on the Order Details and Shipping Details tabs. In addition, a tracking number along with the ship method can be found on the Shipping Details tab for the order on ni.com/status. Generally, shipments within the United States will arrive in 2-4 days after the actual ship date while shipments to Canada generally take 3-5 days after actual ship date to arrive.

How do I request repair services?

For information on the process of requesting repairs please go to //www.haohannet.com/services/repair.htm.

What are NI's terms and conditions?

NI's terms and conditions can be found here: http://www.haohannet.com/legal/termsofsale/.